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     I must say we did a lot of toasting… and singing…even though this photo was not taken there… In fact, we did not get any pictures from the Gulf Coast Village party. With any luck maybe one of the participants will email one of theirs to me…

     Of course you can tell because there is no Yamaha Baby Grand in this photo and there was no stage at the Village, but that did not stop us from having a ball. Right??


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     Just in case you were thinking of spending your St Patrick’s Day with Sister Kaite, you can go one of two places.. Well, some of you can….If you belong to the Marco Men’s Club you probably already know that you will be celebrating the day with The Sister. I will be playing the luncheon for you again this year at Porky’s on Marco Island, FL, and we are going to have another blast right into Ireland’s past with songs of Olde and even more Irish Drinking songs than last year.

     Then you should know that I will be driving quickly up to Pine Island where we are going to party down at the Tarpon Lodge. And they have offered you a deal this year. If you are coming to listen to me and you want a room to spend the night so you can have all the fun you want and not drive home then when you make your reservation tell them that and they will give you 10% off of your room rate for the night…..That is so cool. And then we can drink and party hearty. I have got some new and great Green Songs for ya this year.

See ya there!!

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     Here we are waiting on spring just like they do up North!!! Sooooo spoiled by our comforts…You asked me to play gigs in the public with all my private parties, so I am at the Marco Island St. Patrick’s Day Parade. However it is of course not on St Patrick’s Day. ?? I do not know.

     Sooooo on March 7th (Sunday) there I will be outside on Marco Island playing my Irish Humor and Song for ya. And I will be lookin’ for ya amongst ’em, and I can see ya if yas are there. So make a special effort to come up and say hello to me as I will be chained to a piano…ha ha

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