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The Cool Manager Shoreigh

    I got there at the usual time for set up, got into my room… and waited for the right time to carry all my equipment into the Tarpon Lodge….and get set up for the gig….I have so much fun with the employees at that place….Everyone that works there is just fun to be around….we have our own rapport, should I say….last month when I played there, the manager and one of the waiters (the manager of the bar) had this conversation between them about me that he did not work on the nights I played but they screwed up and he was scheduled that night while I was playing and they did it with such straight face….and while they were conning me with this, the manager, Shiree, crawled around on the floor behind me and one book at a time took my music books and hid them, she wrapped them in my shawl that had fallen to the floor, and inserted them under the cushion in the chair in the front foyer behind me…..She said later that they thought that I was going to play out of one book that whole night , before I noticed my other books were gone….they waited and waited and waited and finally…..

     And this time I actually had some time to sit down and get rested up from the set up….Then I went back out to the bar to get my equipment turned on and talked with some of the very nice people that were part of the party that was there to get married this weekend….

     The Tarpon Lodge is almost the perfect setting to get married, the sunsets and the beautiful gazebo on the grounds, with the pool and the 5 star food, the fishing guides at the dock….I found out that there were going to be 4 Toms there and one of them was the groom and the bride’s name was Diane…All of a sudden I had an attack of very bad heartburn so I  ordered a dark foamy beer while I was out there getting a sound check, to try and make the heart burn go away.  When I made mention of the heartburn, 3 people at the bar (out of the 5 bar stools there) offered me some of what medications they take for heartburn….it can be so very bad and one should “swallow the camera” as they say, to take care of it so that it does not turn into something worse later on.

     I have been taking a medicine for my stomach for years but the last time I filled my prescription the insurance company said they would not pay for my particular medicine (Aciphex) any more so I now had to call them and find out what they will pay for and get a new prescription…I had forgotten since I am in and out of town so much these days…I finally accepted a purple pill from one of the Toms.  It (or the beer) saved the day.

     Well last night I ended up taking something I think was “THE” purple pill…and it worked so very good…of course I did not know it would work so I had a second dark foamy beer just to be sure I would be okay to sing….A person simply cannot sing with heartburn…way too much pain…

    Much to my surprise, while I was singing a song, I looked up at the end and there stood the Rabbi I recently met, and her husband.   They came to hear me sing.  She said that she would try to, and then all of a sudden there they were.  I was very happy about this because I had committed myself to singing alto in her choir for High Holidays(Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur).  This all began because I am working as a personal assistant to a friend of mine a couple days a week who is a realtor going through Chemo’ for her current breast cancer…And she has come to hear me sing many times, and sings very well herself.  She also said to me that I should help them in their choir because they need an alto right now.  I went with her one time to choir practice and worked on my computer while they practiced and while I was there I spoke with the Rabbi and she was such a nice person I decided to sing for her.  Since most of the songs are in Hebrew, the Rabbi had assured me that I was not going to sing anything that was against my own religion, as it was all only in praise of God that they sing their prayers.

     We had a great time that night. The room was packed and except for the fact that the Rabbi and her husband were so upset because the crowd was very loud while I was entertaining them, it was all good.  The Rabbi herself had been an opera singer, (and is also the cantor at the Temple) and knew how hard it was to sing to a room with noise in it, but I am used to it from starting out in Rock and Roll.  I eventually got control of the room even though the audience was so involved with themselves, being wedding people, and it turned out to be a very respectful and appreciative audience when I got done with them.

     High Holidays finally came and I do have to say I had never been in a religious service that lasted more than 2 hours…My first day which ended up being the morning of Rosh Hashanah, because I was booked for an engagement of my own on the evening before, was a four hour service….Well!!…about half way through I asked one of the other women in the choir…”so how long is this service?” and she said, “Oh, eight hours” and kept a very straight face….I laughed it off but I was beginning to wonder…….after a while.

     Then came the time for Yom Kippur.  I was actually going to be in a service that lasted all day.  I had been booked once again the night before, at my gig of half way to St Patty’s Day, and was pretty exhausted for the next day, but I did make it.  This service was 3 hours, then 3 or 4 more hours, and then 3 or 4 more hours.  However the Jewish services always ended in food being served and eaten together, very good food, and with everybody talking to each other it was quite nice.

     I said my goodbyes that day to all my new acquaintances at the Temple, because my commitment was now over, and spoke again with the Rabbi and her husband.  He, himself, was absolutely entertaining.  The Rabbi kept saying things like we will be seeing more of you, and my not understanding why she was saying that, and of course she was explaining that she did not mean she was trying to proselytize, but she would be seeing me, and that she wanted to talk to Judy.  Later upon finding out that they might try to hire me to be an alto in their choir, I felt very honored.  I also felt very honored to have met the Rabbi and her husband and will greatly respect their friendship, and I am quite happy for the education of the Jewish prayers that I have learned to sing.  I have  a special gratitude for the learning of the Hebrew that I now have.  It is a beginning.  I would like to learn more and I would like to learn their numbers system, I believe it is called “Gimatria”…but I have been wrong before (usually only in marriage ha ha)(not my first marriage though).

     The next morning at the Tarpon Lodge eating their exquisite continental breakfast, I ran into the “Tom” who gave me “his” purple pill.  I truly did hesitate to take it the night before because I could find no particular printing on it of any kind, but I was in such pain.  It is odd the things we do, mostly when we shouldn’t.  I later found out, when I called my doctor for a prescription of my own, that it was probably not the purple pill I took.  I mean ‘THE” Purple Pill.  It, I am fairly certain, is something different, but you know what?  The one I have works pretty darn good.


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     Ah yes….just when you are not looking for it…there it is….We were just driving around Bokeelia….getting the hang of Pine Island….going up and down almost every road we found (and some of those roads!!)…..Anyway….then we happened across a Marina at the ‘End’ of the road.

     It is called “The Coast Connection”…and perfect it was for us at that particular point in time….It was pouring the rain to just drizzling…and there were boats coming in and out and there was this one man ‘rowing’ his boat out…You gotta give that man some credit now!!….The sign said The “Fiddler and I” music 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Sunday and 6 to 8:30 on Monday (I think)…anyway I believe her name is Becky and his name is Pat and they are “The fiddler and I”. He played a guitar and a mandolin and a fiddle (of course one at a time) and sang while she played the guitar and sang… and I loved their songs.

     While I am not the only one because there were several other people there as well (making the small but marina-like room seem full as there were not many other chairs left in which to sit) and they were singing along and clapping their hands and drinking beverages and all just seemed to be having fun. Even though I am quite sure that not any one knew the t’other…and it was quite an enjoyable bunch of people having fun together….I like that….You could clog to their music and the Fiddler played some Irish songs (of course I assumed the Irish ones were all for me as they made me dance around) and others began to dance and even more people came in and simply stood….or danced….but all enjoyed.

     While we were being festive, we took these pictures and spoke to them , exchanged cards so we could keep in touch and tipped them ……of course. The wall said…”Please Take Care Of Our Musicians. We’ll Feed ‘Em…..You Tip ‘Em” 

     You can go see these people and have fun with them as well…and do not forget to tip them for their work well done.

     Becky said they drove in from St James City, which is of course the other end of Pine Island, and that they were building a boat. A 42 Foot Catamaran of the same kind that they already had a 32 foot of……I guess they were in need of more room on a boat…I do not know their plans or their intended travel course but I will post their information at the end of this post so that you too can find out their whereabouts…..

     They are just real people doing real things…..like building a boat and playing music….real tropical things…perfectly normal stuff in my world…..however my world can seem sooooooo abstract to some people…Life is what you make it….I remember working in the lab all day and going out and driving to a place like “Moriarty’s Pub” and playing music for 4 hours (after loading my equipment in to set it up and putting it back in the truck when I was done)….then getting up and going to the lab to work again the next morning…..

     I am very blessed to have lived in both worlds, the world of a musician and the world of not being a musician, especially when I was working as a scientist in a molecular epidemiology lab in infectious diseases….I would not mind doing some of that here but research is done up north where it snows and as you know if you are living down here in the tropics…..that is a four-letter word down here (snow)……it is something that is just not done anymore amongst us “Tropicans” …….see how much fun it is being a “wordsmith”.

     Oh Yeah….Just had to show you the man rowing his boat out to his other boat….Too cool….That man is workin’ hard in this rain….

Well for now I am off….I have a piano to get to…it calls me sometimes and says “I miss you…where are you that you do not have time to sit with me and exchange feelings….?”

     ….As it happens I have to now find where I put their card so that I can post their info….but I will get it on here as soon as I find it….Thank you for having patience with my forgetfullness….

     Yet now I found the info…..

Coast Connection Family Boating Center…Live Bait, Ice & Drinks, Boat Ramp, Kayak Rentals, Sailing, Fun Games & Entertainment.

Welcome to Coast Conection LLC,

Pine Island Florida

located at Knight’s Landing

16499 Porto Bello

Bokeelia, FL

26 42’03.40″N 82 08’55.45W

Freshest Seafood around, Native Recipes, Smoked Mullet from Gulf Seafood.

Owner (Scott Player )

Aah Ha…Hence the sign “Players Place

     ….And they have Falling Tide Charters w/Capt. Cory McGuire…and also Saltyboy Charters w/Capt. Scotty Darna as well as others you can find there.

     Now for “The Fiddler and I” info I promised you:




PO Box 129

St James City, FL 33956

Old Time Irish, Bluegrass, Cajun, Blues, etc.

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     Okay then do not forget that I am there every month at the Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island, FL….and April will be on the 29th…a Thursday…everything will be sooo nice then.

     We will be warm but not hot yet……A lovely month shooing in May and the rain and blooms that come with it…so bring your camera (always) to once again try and get a pic of that green flash during dinner on the water.

     Or you can come by boat you know. Go out for a day of fishing and come home to the Tarpon Lodge for the night and celebrate your day. Then from 6:30pm til 9:30pm Sister Kaite’s show is for you. We will laugh and be serious and simply have fun. Join us for a drink and toast or two.

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