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The interesting thing about this particular picture is that it is at a gig.  Yes, you are looking at an island…….Little Munsen Island in the Florida Keys……But the only thing on this island is a resort called “Little Palm Resort”.  I was blessed with playing there sometimes while I was living in the keys.  The great thing about this picture is that the other side of this room is the next picture…..

So cool to look out the window…………No there was no window….There was no wall…..There was just a curtain at the corners of the room on two sides….So this was my view while I was playing there…..And a few rattan couches where people were sitting drinking and talking and having fun.

And here is the piano…It was the carcass of a piano with an electric piano hooked up in side of it where the other keyboard used to be….You can’t really believe that with the humidity down here a piano could stay in tune for a day there???  Did I mention the drum set that was there and a nice PA system of course….They had it all……Well who could expect anyone to bring their own equipment out there??? Oh no….

The people were absolutely divine….Oh and by the way…..You were taken over to the island in a boat…But not with the customers….no….You were taken over to the club with the other employees coming for that same shift…..It was great fun….

But most of all………it seems like it was just yesterday that I was there……or was it???


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The answers will be good for this is such a fun place….

1. What establishment is this Sister Kaite gig?

2. What is the name of the item on top of the Piano?

3. Whose arm is that in the Pic?

4. What is the wall behind Kaite?

5. Who was the bartender then?

Okay there!…

Love yas

Sister Kaite

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     Here we are waiting on spring just like they do up North!!! Sooooo spoiled by our comforts…You asked me to play gigs in the public with all my private parties, so I am at the Marco Island St. Patrick’s Day Parade. However it is of course not on St Patrick’s Day. ?? I do not know.

     Sooooo on March 7th (Sunday) there I will be outside on Marco Island playing my Irish Humor and Song for ya. And I will be lookin’ for ya amongst ’em, and I can see ya if yas are there. So make a special effort to come up and say hello to me as I will be chained to a piano…ha ha

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