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     Okay Marco Men’s Club…Did we have fun or what??? I have to thank you for your participation with Sister Kaite’s Show…You were singing…and clapping your hands along with the songs…You made me very happy on St Patty’s Day at your luncheon.


     And now we are going to do the Sportsfishing Club on Wednesday March 24th..down at the Park on the South Beach Side of the Island. You will find out we can have even more fun next week…You have no idea what “The Sister” has in mind for you this time…Even more Mild Intelligent Humor…We are going to rock again…This picnic will be so much fun!!

     Noon at the picnic…we will eat….and drink….and be merry once again…


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      So back where my hair would curl, I was playing rock music..I would have to say sometimes. Then other times I would play jazz….I guess I am torn between the two..maybe that’s is why I play all this Mild Intelligent Humor???

     Okay Charley Fogel, what do you think??? It is your picture of me. It takes more than a good photographer to take a good picture of me. It takes a real person. Takes one to know one kind of thing I guess. You definitely are a real one.

     I do like to play animal songs, don’t I ? Yes I do, they are sooo much fun. Well I just can do so much with them to make them fun. Maybe I should make that my specialty? Anyway, I will find new animals to sing about for you and you have to come to hear me play them. At least until I get a CD out…..and my New Year’s Resolution this year was decided to be:….. to get my CD out now. I have only been working on it for a few years……first one is always the hardest to figure out.

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