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     Frances was my first Hurricane…since I moved onto the sailboat. We moved to Ft Pierce so we could get to the Bahamas more quickly from the U.S.  You can do it in a day on the right day weatherwise…in a sailboat.

      Then when we heard about Frances coming, we put the boat up on the hard in the right marina, which was Crackerboy Marina in Ft Pierce.  They are quite capable, which is hard to find.  Then we came on home to Marco Island to a friends house.  We heard that after Frances went through the boats were all in smithereens.  We had a friend try to get up to Crackerboy to find out, in his dinghy boat, but to no avail.  Everything was locked down and in a quarantine for the entire area.

     There was so much destruction that people were looting very badly.  Some looters even took a washing machine from someones back porch while it was running …with clothes in it.  That was ridiculous!!!  Needless to say when we got back, all the boats at Crackerboy were in fine condition as expected but at the marina across the street, they were mostly destroyed.

     There was a huge boat graveyard in Ft Pierce.  It was heartbreaking!!! There was also a moratorium on any boats in the water because no one really knew what the bottom was like now because so many boats went down.  There were sailboats and power boats, masts and all somewhere down below in the water all around the area.  You could see some of the masts sticking up out of the water.  For instance, most sailboats have at least a four foot draft, so you did not know what you might come across underneath the surface.  They had to dredge the whole area to make certain they had removed all the boats that went down from the bottom before they could open up the channels again.

     You could just see all the boats smashed at the graveyard where they were amassed over by the Ft Pierce City Marina ( or where it had been ).  One of their floating docks floated up and off the pilings and as it washed by the other docks it took them all with it…boats and all.

     Where I had been was a wreck of some boats still floating and some down under the docks or what was left of the dock above the water where they had been tied to it.  It took the guys and a come-along three days to get the post that was across our slip up out of the way so we could tie to it again.  The people from Oklahoma were pretty grand at Lassos to get the lines across to the pilings.  There was even one boat up on the cement.  It was right up in the marina, on the cement yard where we used to cook dinners with friends.

     Many people had gone to Fema to try and recuperate some of what they lost in the storm..  We heard that a woman was there from Jamaica who had just lost all of her family in one Hurricane.  When her husband went down to see about the relatives and if they survived he was picked up in the next Hurricane and gone forever too.  There were people who had it worse than some others, but just about everyone involved, had problems with wind, water, or looters or electric.

     The State of North Carolina Electricians came down to help us get our electric back up from Frances (as Florida had gone up to help them in previous years).  It was just up and barely working, but needed so much more work to truly become stable, when the next Hurricane that year of 2004 was already on its way.



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