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The interesting thing about this particular picture is that it is at a gig.  Yes, you are looking at an island…….Little Munsen Island in the Florida Keys……But the only thing on this island is a resort called “Little Palm Resort”.  I was blessed with playing there sometimes while I was living in the keys.  The great thing about this picture is that the other side of this room is the next picture…..

So cool to look out the window…………No there was no window….There was no wall…..There was just a curtain at the corners of the room on two sides….So this was my view while I was playing there…..And a few rattan couches where people were sitting drinking and talking and having fun.

And here is the piano…It was the carcass of a piano with an electric piano hooked up in side of it where the other keyboard used to be….You can’t really believe that with the humidity down here a piano could stay in tune for a day there???  Did I mention the drum set that was there and a nice PA system of course….They had it all……Well who could expect anyone to bring their own equipment out there??? Oh no….

The people were absolutely divine….Oh and by the way…..You were taken over to the island in a boat…But not with the customers….no….You were taken over to the club with the other employees coming for that same shift…..It was great fun….

But most of all………it seems like it was just yesterday that I was there……or was it???


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Mike Morningstar

     It gets harder to not get to your gigs Michael, when I am on facebook now and get to hear about your gigs but cannot get there …cause I am so far away!!! …I must make a greater attempt to get up there once a year if not more these days. I WILL be there this year and cannot wait to see all of you and hear all of you and sing with all of you and maybe even play some. Miss you even more Mike when I play your songs.

     “Season Of Blue” is a favorite of many, and I was even recognized by playing that song of yours in the Keys..At least some of us travel.

     Still playing “Laughin’ River” as well as “Black Eyed Logan” of yours. Thank you for the privilege. Remember those African drums people you had with you once out on Pub 47, I think it was? That was a whole new amazing show that night…..well basically they all are though…


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Here we go this time I want to know 3 questions.




1. Who is the Guest Performer sitting in with Sister Kaite in this Pic??




2. Where is this performance of Sister Kaite taking place??




I remember this as being one of those gigs a musician just loves to play because this club owner was great to work for.




Now for the tip question…




3. Who owned the club at the time of this performance??



Party Down


Sister Kaite




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