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     Yesterday I learned how to change a thermostat…Bruce and I did it together…..Got a sunburn at the same time…I thought it was fun…..most people wouldn’t…but I enjoyed getting my face right down into the engine of my Jeep, and grease under my little short fingernails…for awhile….and using the tools and succeeding….all part of daily learning….

    I have absolutely no idea why I would have to be learning how to change a thermostat or use those particular tools….but I have faith…….there is a reason…….the plumbing on the boat is my job too…due to the fact that my hands will fit down into the space provided to work on plumbing things…….their names do not escape my mind…..I have actually no idea what they are called and it does not matter as long as they work….now does it!!!

     At any rate…I have learned many new pastimes living on the boat….and I love my friends here….they are truly good friends who live as a community and help each other as a community…yes we have transients that come down from the North in the winter (snowbirds)….but even some of them are fun and good people….I say some cause there are always a couple who do not want to associate with us locals….and that is fine too…we can get along just fine by ourselves….

     We will be moving to land sometime in the near future as to get in line with our aging bodies and have some dirt to recluse to, in times of need, and still have the boat to play on……God willing….

     Another hurricane season only a month away….but as I say….I am looking forward to an easy season on the water….and every day is a new day to greet with a smiling face….and an inquisitive mind…thank God for that as well.


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    This is a sight that can be either good or bad, depending on what follows…luckily in April this is only just a thunderstorm.  I do love rain, at least I always did in West Virginia.  These days in Florida, rain can be very demanding, especially between June and the end of November..Been through many of those and enough is enough. However I really do believe this year will be a pass.  We will have an easy Hurricane season..uhoh there was that “H” word…

    We do not have a choice on going through it. Our only choices are where to spend it. Or should I say our choice is where the boat will spend it.  hmmmmmm…Wouldn’t it be nice to find a place to put the boat where we do not have to worry about such things…A kind of fairy tale island of safeness for boats in the tropics that has a cover of safety around it, protecting it from all that jazz…..well yes it would…..but we have not found it yet.  I am now looking for such a place. So if you know of one. I would appreciate some info from you…

    Rainy days are always appreciated by me….(even still)…..I guess that comes from being reared in West Virginia where one is safe from all the jazzed up stuff that comes with them in flat lands, like Florida and Michigan and Ghana (and other places in Africa)…I now feel like it is a hurricane day when it rains really hard and I go outside.  But I will never…. not like to listen to the rain.  It is my favorite sound……..next to a happy baby.

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     Too much fun on the boat again..but back just in time for the storm…I learned even more about fishing today…even though I was attempting to be a photographer….How did I do Mila? And now back into the car to drive…but only a couple hundred miles….a very short drive…for me anyway…The Storms seem to have passed through for now…but the good weather (warm) has finally arrived to keep us in a good mood.

     Spring was hard coming this year…even down here in the tropics…..But as long as we make it fun ( and why wouldn’t ‘ya?) we will keep smiling.

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