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  It really does not matter when my day starts or when my week starts….These distinguishable traits are for 9 to 5’ers….People who only work 8 hours a day.  Ha!  Think of all that time I could have, to get more work done, if I only worked 8 hours every day?

     “What do you mean, You are driving to the Keys to play for one night? It is a 5 1/2 hour drive at best!”  I might as well say that I drive for a living.  All I can say is “You just gotta love it to do all this stupid stuff.”

     “Why Not?” I thought to myself.  I seem to disregard all the stuff that other people see.  A perfectly normal day in my life is to drive.  


     So I was in the Keys playing for 3 nights in a row and staying with a friend of mine (another musician friend of mine….I miss you Mona).  After I had pulled all the equipment out of the car and set it up by myself and played music for 3 hours (should have taken at least one break) tore it all down and put it back into the truck.  Theeen…I got into the car to drive back to Marco Island.  Yes I knew it was a 5 1/2 hour drive….ALL TWO LANE….

     One does see many things that one probably should not see being out at all hours of the night.  I can do it anytime.  I seem to be able to drive for hours and hours and hours….even all night.  I once drove for 34 hours straight.  Yes I saw a 30 foot rabbit sitting on a fence.  How do I know it was 30 feet tall?  It was the same height as the telephone poles….large rabbit it was.  No sleep can make you see crazy things.  But I was still driving…I got lost so it took me a little longer than it should have.  Where is route 21 anyway???

     What a night….or two….that was….what was I saying about the  Keys?…After about 4 hours of driving,  I was in my last hour and a half stretch.  It was the worst road of all (then….of course….. they have fixed it since I did all that driving back and forth to the Keys) 

    While I was there one of my musician friends had given me their new CD.  I stuck it into the music player and after I had heard a few songs, I began to want to write a song of my own…right now….while I was driving….in the pitch black of night….out here all alone on this two lane road….in the swamp land of the Everglades…am I insane???  Not really…not nearly enough to commit myself.

   I got out a pen and a piece of paper ( in a notebook) and I wrote while I was driving…… all these words….could not see a thing I was writing, so every once in awhile I had to turn on the inside light in my SUV and look to see if I was writing anything I could read later…or if the pen was even working.

     Ah, to see the blinking light at the last turn off of the Tamiami Trail.  Drive down the last 8 miles of this really little 2-lane road to my island, turn into my little town, and then to find the gate clicker so I can enter into the yacht club where I live.

     It is always a blessing to pull through the gate of my gated community, of my yacht club, into the parking lot, and get out of the car and shuffle into the head in the bathhouse.  It wakes me up just enough to safely saunter down the dock without falling into the water, not taking anything I would like to, from the car, just my purse and maybe a couple other objects I do not think I can do without until morning.

    I get to climb onto the boat, down the companionway and crawl into the bed over my sweetie (I sleep in the back next to the bulkhead of course).

     It is a great song.


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