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The Title and Author of Defying Gravity

The Title and Author of Defying Gravity

Can anybody tell me why it is that the TV shows that I like are the ones they cancel?

Does this happen to you?

Am I the only one asking this question?

… You do remember the SYFY program “Defying Gravity”? Now that was a great show.  It had the makings of one of the greatest series to show in many years. Their plot was a seven or eight year trek around our universe in their spaceship and they could have done many, many, wonderful things about all the planets they decided to visit or, of course even go to other universes ….But …No….This is the one they cancel….what is up with these people?

I will never understand why they put the shows on TV that they do. I do understand that it has to do with the 16 to 40 year old group of people, because they are the ones who spend the money. What I do not understand is why this age group watches the shows that they do.

actors from TV show Defying Gravity

Some of the actors from the TV show Defying Gravity

Good grief! All these daytime contestant shows drive me crazy. If they were not so loud and noisy about their productions, then they would not be so annoying. Then again, they do not ask me.

I have friends who watch “the Voice” and all the game shows. I would not waste my time on TV of that nature. I am more of a Universe, StarGate, National Geographic, History, and History 2 channel kind of person. I want to learn a thing or two when I spend my time doing something. But then again, who asks me? I also like the mysteries, but only if I cannot figure them out ahead of time.

4 people in spacesuits from TV show Defying Gravity

4 people in spacesuits from TV show Defying Gravity

But when I finally do settle down to watch a program on the TV, I can hardly find anything that I enjoy. I am always trying to find a science fiction show with all the effects and/or a mystery movie or show that I cannot already know what is going to happen as I watch. I guess I am not the majority of TV watchers these days.

You do remember that I live on a sailboat, right? All this to say that, we do not have a TV on the boat. We do not even have TV service.

the spaceship shown in TV show Defying Gravity

The spaceship shown in TV show Defying Gravity from thespacereview.com

We used to have Comcast, which is the only cable company we have here on our side of the island. They charged the marina where we live a fee……mind you a fee……of (hold on to your seat) $10,000.00 just to run lines down the dock and out to the 84 slips. This was for the first 10 years of the marina.

Well, that is not as bad as what they wanted to charge at the end of the 10 year period. A couple of years ago they asked for a fee of  (hold on to your seat again) $20,000.00, and that was just a fee. It is still unclear what their “fee” is for because they refuse to run any new lines or take care of any upgrades or malfunctions. There would (of course) be extra charges for that.

A person in a spacesuit outside of the ship they are showing in Defying Gravity

A person in a spacesuit outside of the ship they are showing in Defying Gravity from sayhellospaceman.blogspot.com

And, when the owner said he was not going to pay for that fee………..they came and cut the cable off immediately, right in the middle of Hurricane Season.

You should have seen the Dish contraptions go up, even though we are not “allowed” to have them. They were putting them on the pilings and the dock, and some people even mounted them on their boats.

The main women from the TV show Defying Gravity

The Main Women Actors from the TV show Defying Gravity from entertainmentwallpaper.com

I know that you probably understand that boat people absolutely have to have a weather prediction or two. A boater needs this to know when to go out on his or her boat as much as you need it to tell you when there are weather alerts and problems, like a hurricane, especially in hurricane season. This season is in effect from June first until November thirtieth, every year. It is not a fun season waiting and praying for good weather. But, this is a season that may or may not be a bad one. They make predictions about this too. Some are right and some are wrong. It is truly a wait and see type of thing.

Actors in their spacesuits from TV show Defying Gravity

Why are they all looking at me? from TV show Defying Gravity

Needless, at this point, to say, now we watch our programs on HULU on our seventeen inch computer screen. If you have not watched TV on your computer, it is just as simple as the television. When you go to you subscribe to certain shows they become available to you on HULU online the day after they are shown on television. I am not in a hurry to watch anything on TV. As a matter of fact, I prefer to watch the shows I want to watch, when I want to watch them, instead of when they are to air on TV. I don’t know about you, but I am an extremely busy person and only have certain available hours, or days, to watch television.

The DVD cover of Defying Gravity season one

The DVD Cover of Defying Gravity Season One

You can do the same thing with your 70 inch flat screen….You simply get an HDMI cable from Radio Shack or somewhere, and plug it in from your computer into the back of your flat screen. You can then watch TV, and only the TV you want to see. You do need to make certain that you have enough internet service to run streaming from your computer….usually your house internet is unlimited. If you have portable internet you will pay lots of money to stream with it. You can get unlimited house internet cheap enough to use it instead of paying for Cable or Dish TV.

Defying Gravity Female Stars talking in class

Defying Gravity Female Stars

Things like this are reasons why we have children lol……They keep us apprised of new stuff like media, don’t they.

They keep us alive and young!

Besides being the best thing in your life, children are from God, and they are blessed. We are blessed to have them.


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