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          In Case some of you do not know….This is my sister Janet Nestor ….and she is the most amazing person you will ever meet.  All you have to do to find out is read her book…and in case you do not believe everything you hear…..just read this back cover… and she is quite right. She truly saved me when I had to go through radiation treatments to save my life.  This is something I absolutely did not want to do, and was so set against it.  When I found out I had to do this, I could not have taken the treatments if I had not done what she asked me to do……… and that was “find a Reiki Master here where I was in Florida and go to her.” Which I did and it saved me psychologically as well as physically…and her name was Susan-Laskey Jesella (sp?) There are websites to help you find a Reiki Master where you are.


I will use Reiki forever because it and many of the other teachings and help that comes with it is the natural way to good health….

Her book “Pathways To Wholeness” is a must read for everyone. You can experience an excerpt from her book on their website. You can read the Foreward…which Is quite a testament, and the “Table Of Contents” Try it out and see how much you can experience and learn from just an excerpt….truly amazing!

Here is the link to her website to check out her book:

You can find lots of good tips and products and information at my website as well.


Visit these websites and learn….good healthy information to live a healthier life.


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     I must say we did a lot of toasting… and singing…even though this photo was not taken there… In fact, we did not get any pictures from the Gulf Coast Village party. With any luck maybe one of the participants will email one of theirs to me…

     Of course you can tell because there is no Yamaha Baby Grand in this photo and there was no stage at the Village, but that did not stop us from having a ball. Right??

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     As I said earlier about being at the Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island, FL, on St Patrick’s Day….Glad to see you made it and some of you even took them up on their discount coming to see “the Sister” and be Irish with us. It was the only thing to do when partying on an Irish day…simply get a room and party all night…Makes perfect sense to me…Even I have trouble sometimes staying up late into the night…because I have discovered that when my body decides it needs rest…it will go to sleep and leave me hanging…it does not care what I want to do when it gets too tired…It says…”Nighty night” and away it goes…as I have been seen sleeping standing up in the corner of a room…Kid you not.

     Anyway, I am so glad it was so much fun and what great weather we had for it. It really helps having the heated outside porch and the plastic drop downs (that you can see through)..Cannot miss the view from the room to the water and the setting sun there …it is absolutely astounding.

     You have to say the food is magnificent there!!!

     Can only say…C Ya in April 29th back at the Tarpon Lodge….

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     Okay Marco Men’s Club…Did we have fun or what??? I have to thank you for your participation with Sister Kaite’s Show…You were singing…and clapping your hands along with the songs…You made me very happy on St Patty’s Day at your luncheon.


     And now we are going to do the Sportsfishing Club on Wednesday March 24th..down at the Park on the South Beach Side of the Island. You will find out we can have even more fun next week…You have no idea what “The Sister” has in mind for you this time…Even more Mild Intelligent Humor…We are going to rock again…This picnic will be so much fun!!

     Noon at the picnic…we will eat….and drink….and be merry once again…

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     There is a FREEDOM truly felt in Sailing and there is also a communication with the Earth in using it to sustain life itself…I enjoy them both and do not see any competition between them….I do, however, see the greed in the “oil” problems and, like some of us, agree that energy, and the items people need to sustain life should be eagerly given to all to sustain a peaceful existence…!!!

     Where are the replicator machines in real life??!! So that everyone….not just Jean Luc Picard, can have “hot tea….Earl Grey” upon suggestion to a machine….???

     And thank you again Mila Bridger for the great photo…of my back yard…

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My New Home

     As I sat back and nestled into the pillows behind me on the boat, I knew I was in for a long night of rockin’ and rollin’ but it didn’t seem to matter because I was safe and could sleep through it anyway. The waves had calmed down to being only 3 to 4 but we would feel them all night long . When I awoke I was out in the sea. I was out of sight of any mainland and it was just between me and the crew and nature at its best. We would very soon be in the Florida Keys and our destination would be on the horizon. Key West was going to be my new home…….

     I had brought my musical equipment and the clothes I thought were appropriate for playing music in very hot weather. Little did I know I would have 6 months of 98 degrees and 4 hurricanes to survive in just one hurricane season. That was okay because I was used to it from the previous year when we survived hurricanes Charlie, Frances, and Jean. Dennis, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma were yet to be endured……. continued soon in another post

     Oh and my question with this one is….Where was this photo taken? and By whom?


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The answers will be good for this is such a fun place….

1. What establishment is this Sister Kaite gig?

2. What is the name of the item on top of the Piano?

3. Whose arm is that in the Pic?

4. What is the wall behind Kaite?

5. Who was the bartender then?

Okay there!…

Love yas

Sister Kaite

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